Friday, 31 August 2012

RSS Feed links have been moved to left side navigation

We have moved RSS Feed links to the left side navigation so that the links are more visible to you.

Now Race Kit Collection RSS Feed has been added

For those who want to know Race Kit Collection updates, we added RKC RSS Feed on the site.
It will show Race Kit Collection date(s) and venue if these information available (because a few of these events do not provide them). 
If you subscribe to it, it will show list of Race Kit Collection of events. The events that will be shown are based on event date. Top of the list will be the latest event date.
Are you getting confused now ? Why don't you try it by subscribing it ? We want to know your thought on it.

We are pumping more running events

If you noticed in our site, there are more running events have been added. This is because our team have been pumping these events days and nights. Hey, if we miss anything, do let us know about it.
Happy Merdeka Day.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Race Kit Collection date and venue will be shown in Upcoming Events and Category sections if it available

Now, you can see Race Kit Collection date and venue in Upcoming Events and Category sections if it available. We think these are valuable information to people who have registered to the event and want to know when and where to pick up their race kit.  

Monday, 27 August 2012

Start to launch

Today, is launch to public. is created so that :-
1. Users can get the latest sports events in Malaysia.
2. Users can share their thought on the events. (Coming soon).

Screenshot of welcome page of

Have a look at it and leave your comments or suggestions in this blog or you can send email to